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40+ years of experience in helping thousands of patients to regain control of their lives through state-of-art hearing technology, breakthrough solutions & expert care.

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Our Most Natural Sound Quality With

M&RIE a Microphone& Receiver-In-Ear design

Meet M&RIE

The microphone and receiver in your ear use your unique ear shape to collect sound the way nature intended.

Speech clarity in wind noise

Watch the video and get a feel of how ReSound ONE™ enables better speech understanding in a windy situation.

Windy walk with and without M&RIE

The microphone in your ear lets you enjoy the natural sounds of your surroundings without overpowering wind noise. Hear the difference.

In a restaurant

Sample the sound difference when using ReSound ONE with M&RIE in a bustling restaurant setting.

Offering You A More

Tailored SolutionAdvanced Technology

Tailored Solution

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