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Our official suppliers are internationally recognised companies who are at the fore-front of hearing loss research and development.

Houri Hearing Dubai Abu Dhabi Center

Understanding Hearing Loss

In order to deal with hearing loss, it is important to understand how our ears work by educating ourselves about how hearing loss arises and what the latest solutions are.

Houri Hearing Dubai Abu Dhabi Center

Decades of Hearing Solutions

Since we opened the doors of our clinic in 1980, our hearing experts have helped thousands of patients reconnect with the sounds they’ve been missing.

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When you’re living with hearing loss, some of your most cherished activities can become difficult and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be that way. At Houri Hearing, we have dedicated 43+ years of experience to helping thousands of patients to regain control of their lives through state-of-art hearing technology, breakthrough solutions and expert care and attention.

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