Our Solutions Are



Hearing aids come in a several of form factors each suiting specific hearing losses and needs.

Our hearing solutions can range from tiny invisible ones that fit in the ear to those that sit discreetly behind the ears. There are various technology levels and features from wireless connectivity, to rechargeable solutions. Our solutions portfolio can cater to every hearing need.

All You Need to Know

  •  Invisible Hearing aids (CICs Completely-in-Canal)- Custom made hearing aids (3d printing) that sit entirely in your ear canal
  •  Receiver In Canal (RIC) – Tiny behind the ears with a very slim wire that are practically invisible, with very powerful features and as natural a sound you can get
  •  Behind The Ear (BTE) – The classical style, modernized. Much smaller, but easier to manipulate and handle. Ideal for children and older generations that are looking for power and practicality
  • Rechargeable – Say goodbye to disposable batteries. Rechargeable aids offer many hours on a single charge!
  • Bluetooth & Water Resistant- All our hearing aids offer connectivity features to stream audio from devices be it CIC, RIC or BTE. Our out of the ear hearing aids are all water resistant (IP68). Sweat and humidity no longer an issue!

The miniaturization of microchips has revolutionized technology in modern hearing aids. To think such powerful computing fits in these miniature sizes! The principles are the same: The microphones pick up sounds, transmits them to the processor and amplifier which converts it to sounds through the receiver. Microchips now contain Bluetooth processes and have rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Contrary to popular belief, hearing aids are not for severe hearing losses. Most people suffer from mild to moderate hearing losses. Any untreated hearing loss can have severe effects on our social or professional life. If you haven’t gotten tested, contact our audiologist to schedule an audiogram.