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Relief Is Possible: Manage your tinnitus effectively

Thanks our years of research into Tinnitus cases and our exceptional product line of effective solutions, relief from and management of this condition is within our reach. The key elements involves assembling a combination of solutions to help complement each other in treating this condition. Examples include hearings aids that act as noise-generators, smartphone app for customisation, and a product that streams directly into your aids.

Tinnitus Treatment Plan

Step 1: Tinnitus assessment via a questionnaire

A question sheet that can be easily completed will allow us to form a basic conception of your case, and help us get closer to forming a solution.

Step 2: Tinnitus analysis and hearing test

This step invovlves an in-person analysis and hearing test with one of our expert specialists.

Step 3: Explanation of your individual results of step 1 and 2

After a comprehensive understanding of your individual case, we will proceed to explain to you the outcomes of our tests.

Step 4: Product Options

Explanation of which products within our wide supplier line are recommended for your unique tinnitus, giving you options to choose from.

Step 5: Counseling and goal setting

Products are only half the solution, the next step is taking you through our counseling plans that allow us to set measurable and acheivable goals for treatment.