Lets get you talking

On your first visit, you do the talking and we’ll do the listening! We want to hear about how your hearing has changed and understand the challenges you’re facing. Once we do that, we can decide what steps to take next.

We’re Listening

The second step is a hearing test, which will allow us to actually see what you hear! Once we establish what you’re hearing, we can start defining what areas you should be hearing too and commit ourselves to finding the best solution for your hearing loss.

Let’s Decide

We take things like your family, work and social life into consideration before deciding which hearing solution is right for you. It’s important for us to help you find a solution that’s going to successfully cater to you and your specific needs.


If you don’t use it, you lose it! Like many things in life, the same applies to your hearing. The longer you wait to address your hearing, the more difficult it is to regain the hearing that you’ve lost. That’s where hearing aids come in. These incredible little computers are designed to help you locate, identify and reconnect to sound.


Once you get reconnected, the fine tuning begins. Since your hearing aids are customized to fit your needs, they need to be optimized to make sure you stay tuned in, regardless of your whereabouts.